The Mind¡¦s Haze

May 21, 2003

"With Such Causes and Such Conditions, There are Such Results and Retributions"

Master Cheng Yen began her morning lecture by talking about the ¡§mind,¡¨ reminding everyone to carefully maintain purity of mind. ¡§If we do not take care of our mind, it will become restless and whimsical with continuous wondering thoughts. Our mind would be like the light breeze blowing over the desert, stirring up raging sandstorms and blurring the entire terrain.¡¨

¡§The Buddhist scripture teaches us that there are 84,000 afflictions, all of which emerge from our minds. Our mental thoughts dictate our conducts. In daily life, our thoughts, actions, and speech are all karmic seeds hidden within our consciousness. Once the causes and conditions mature, these seeds will sprout, bloom, and bear fruits of retribution.¡¨

¡§Once the wind of karma starts to blow, the accumulated dusts of afflictions in our minds will be stirred up, drawing a hazy veil over our minds.¡¨ Master Cheng Yen reminded us, ¡§Do not refuse to do minute good deeds because every bit of good intention accumulates and will lead to great contribution. Also, do not allow even the slightest evil doing because minor evils can accumulate to become the most vicious crimes. While cultivating physical conduct, one should also be cautious of his speech at all times. Words convey emotions, but can also stir up troubles between people. They can teach people to cultivate blessings for the world, but can also cause disputes and spread disasters to every living being.¡¨

The Buddhist Scripture says, "With such causes and such conditions, there are such results and retributions." The Master indicated that people living in blessings should cultivate more blessings. Even if adversity arises, one should still face it with joy and make every effort to cultivate blessings. ¡§One should fulfill one¡¦s own obligations, abide by rules, and always purify the mind with the water of Dharma. In this way, the dusts of afflictions can subside. Otherwise, as complaints within the mind continue to accumulate, afflictions are never-ending.¡¨